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Which industries does the telephone call center system generally use?


First, the call center is to make full use of modern communication and computer technology, such as IVR (Interactive Voice 800 Call Center Process Response System), ACD (Automatic Call Distribution System), etc., which can automatically and flexibly handle a large number of different telephone calls. And the operational operations of outgoing services and services. In the enterprise application, the call center has gradually changed from the telemarketing center to the CTI (computer communication integration) integrated call center. The phone, computer, internet and other media have been integrated into marketing, service and so on.

The call center is a relatively concentrated place. A service organization composed of a group of service personnel usually uses computer communication technology to handle inquiries and consultation needs from enterprises and customers. Taking telephone consultation as an example, it has the ability to process a large number of incoming calls at the same time, and also has a calling number display, which can automatically assign incoming calls to personnel with corresponding skills, and can record and store all incoming messages. A typical customer service-oriented call center can have both inbound and outbound functions. When handling customer information inquiry, consultation, complaints, etc., it can conduct customer return visits, satisfaction surveys, and other outgoing services.

Second, the basic functions of the call center are as follows:

[Call Management Module] includes: abbreviated dialing, call waiting, telephone pick-up, extension dialing, call hold, call transfer, call transfer, call tracking, DND, call park, group group vibration, etc.