S09 Download
S09 is based on the android native system design, support the seamless adaptation of third-party information software, greatly improve the desktop phone information means.
01. Leading hardware echo cancellation and noise reduction processing, support HD audio calls.
02. Support maximum 1080 p HD video communication, with leading dynamic video adjustment scheme; Real-time adjustment of HD phone state according to the network situation, especially in WIFI connection, there is unique wireless network HD video call processing mechanism.
03. 5G WIFI network support, relative to interfere with the complex of 2.4 G network, can support 2.4 G and 5 G dual-band WIFI network support, provide a better experience of wireless access.
04. 4G network (FDD/TDD LTE)
TDD_LTE: Band38/39/40/41(2555~2655MHz)
FDD_LTE: Band3/1
WCDMA: Band1/8
TDSCDMA: Band34/39
GPRS/EDGE Class 12
CDMA2000 EVDO 800