S08 Download
Description of the functions:
01.Handset: Used for Off hook and calling, the tablet’s voice can not connect to the phone’s handset, it can only be used when the base calls
02.Hands-free speaker: Used for hands-free calls. The tablet’s voice can not connect to this speaker
03.Numeric keypad: Used for phone dialing and text inputting
04.Quick dial area: Used for one key dialing of the stored contact numbers
05.Off hook indicator: Hands-free or handset off hook indicator
06.Ring pilot indicator: The indicator flashes when there is a call
07.External power indicator: When the external power indicator is plugged in, the indicator lights up
08.Ambient light Sensor: When turning on the ambient light detection function of the
tablet, the tablet’s screen will adjust the screen’s brightness with the ambient brightness
09.Receiver: Front speaker
10.Front Camera: Used for photography